A Gathering of Gray

Reflections on watching the gathering, gray storm clouds, as boats in the harbor begin to rock and sway.

Roots (Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself)

Last November we traveled to Puerto Rico, en route to St. Thomas in support of the Seton Hall Pirates, for the Paradise Jam, a pre-season college basketball tournament.  While in Puerto Rico, we visited the town of Caguas, and toured several museums.  The  Museo de… Continue Reading “Roots (Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself)”


Abandoned now, ‘neath looming storm-clouds gray, Banana-bunched boards, the only light, But undertow compels she cannot stay. He’d sing to her, life on review, he’d stay, Through sunniest of days and darkest nights, Abandoned now, ‘neath looming storm-clouds gray. He smiled to mask the… Continue Reading “Undertow”

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