A Gathering of Gray

gathering gray
It oft begins this way, I watch and wait,
As gathering of gray, beyond the blue
and wispy cirrus clumps, rise to the great
sky-vastness, like a boiling, roiling brew.

Her hull now bobbing gently, but too soon
she’ll rock and rise and clank, her tether tight,
In moments, azure scene becomes undone,
The dark rolls in erasing island light.

Now in port, safe harbor for the night
As daily tempest brews again, I’m calm,
Secure that ebb and flow is somehow right
And soon the breeze again will waft and balm.

When blue skies yield to gray-storms all a-rage,
Inhale, exhale, Mother Earth’s assuaged.


This photograph was taken from a  moving vehicle through a dirty window, using my iPhone.  While the quality of the photograph isn’t great, the composition and the compelling subject/scene makes it a worthy contribution for my entry this week in the  Photo Friday Challenge.

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