Agnostic Iguana


It rises from the marsh to search for food,
  Gnawing while enroute on leaves and wood,
      Undaunted by the steepness of his feat,
           And focused on the fruit bits near my feet
               Not moving, I observe him at his best,
                    Agnostically he resumes his quest.

Written for The Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of thirds, this was shot at the Ritz Carlton St. Thomas, where iguana move freely, in and out of the groves and marshes. Because of their chameleon-like talents, one might pass by and never notice. Once you see one, however, you will see hundreds. They lay across tree stumps and cling as if by magic to the steep march banks and breeding spots; until the resort attendants arrive with fruit baskets at regular feeding times. Even the bird perched nearby, seems to be waiting his turn.  Iguana are amazing, vibrant, resilient creatures.

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