Roots (Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself)

Last November we traveled to Puerto Rico, en route to St. Thomas in support of the Seton Hall Pirates, for the Paradise Jam, a pre-season college basketball tournament.  While in Puerto Rico, we visited the town of Caguas, and toured several museums.  The  Museo de Artes Populares de Caguas, displayed many different types of art and crafts from the Puerto Rican and Caguas  artisans, including wood carved Santos, Mundilla lace, Vejiegate masks and costumes, ceramic mobiles, and carved recreations of  Caguas country life. 

I took this photograph, while mesmerized by the unique way in which an artist expresses his or her self.  Regrettably, I don’t know the history of this piece or the name of the artist, or its intended significance to the culture of people in the Caguas area. 

I see pain, struggle, defiance and survival; and an exquisite expression of the diversity that is the history of the inhabitants of Puerto Rico, and Caguas; with tentacled roots springing forth from the world, indeed from the earth; and taking hold and gathering into a  civilization of diversity,  strength and longevity.  

This photo cannot begin to capture the full complexity and beauty of the piece,  but certainly fits this Weekly Photo Challenge  theme:  Express Yourself.


2 Comments on “Roots (Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself)

    • Yes – I am still researching it to find out about the artist and the history. I regret that I didn’t do so when I was there, but each time I see this photo, it starts me thinking again. Thank you.


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