Beyond the Steam

snowy yard

Preparing for the concert, mind is filled,
My spirit chimes with measures, harmonies,
An un-trite, polyphonic mesh, but still
My aim: maybe to learn these melodies.

To ease my pre-show nerves and soothe my knees,
Bubbles, soft and warm, pile high and light,
In scorching tub, a sign ‘mid clouds of steam,
While taking in the treetops, snowy white.

Soapy spheres and icy window sights,
Miles of crystals shift and drift o’er land,
Palette for sonorous dreams a-flight,
God’s wonders spell perfection, plain and grand.

Music; simple staffs of words and notes,
Are molded into etudes grandiose.


Entertaining  a passing thought, as I soaked in a hot, soapy tub, attempting to relax while prepping for an upcoming choral concert, I was struck by the contrast between the bubbles and steam inside my bathroom, and the cold (but icily beautiful), snow-covered trees on the other side of my window. Bubbles, steam, bath water, snow crystals, rain, and icicles are made of the same basic molecule, H2O.

Music is perhaps similar in that there are but a few basics components; an octave of tones, a set of basic, rhythmic underpinnings. Yet, composers through the ages have created multitudes of infinitely diverse masterworks.

Profound? Maybe not, but this week’s Wordle #196 gave me the ammunition I needed to pen a sonnet on the subject. IMG_0439

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