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The Road to St. Remy de Provence

Roadside trees protect the farmer’s plows They stand for miles, like well placed fence posts, true, Aligned, an arboreal arch of bending boughs That beckon me to venture: “Bienvenue.” Provence’s countryside in colors true with fragrant lavender, sunflowers gold, Painting flashing vistas, reds and… Continue Reading “The Road to St. Remy de Provence”

In Vino Veritas

Leaving Avignon, a sad “adieu,” Province would, all too soon, become a dream, Settling in ‘en train’, content; we knew we’d long recall these fleeting scenes. Through filmy windows, suddenly all green, My photo lens embraced the verdant pastures, Lime and Kelly shades, like jellybeans… Continue Reading “In Vino Veritas”

Weekly Photo Challenge: BEYOND

This handcrafted iron gate, conjures up visions of artisans of ages gone by, toiling to exact perfection; to create a rock-anchored, impenetrable edifice.  Standing here, clenching the scroll work, I am moved by the intrinsic, cold strength of the grilled scrolls in the palms… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: BEYOND”

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