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All We Like Sheep…

Gaslights flickered, revealing the raindrop-slicked, uneven cobblestones of the darkening Geneva street. Quickening her pace, an uneasy sense of foreboding seeped over her, like a drop of red wine on a white cloth; wetting, inexorably spreading, slowly penetrating the pristine fabric. The solitary sound… Continue Reading “All We Like Sheep…”

The Road to St. Remy de Provence

Roadside trees protect the farmer’s plows They stand for miles, like well placed fence posts, true, Aligned, an arboreal arch of bending boughs That beckon me to venture: “Bienvenue.” Provence’s countryside in colors true with fragrant lavender, sunflowers gold, Painting flashing vistas, reds and… Continue Reading “The Road to St. Remy de Provence”

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