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Happy Hippie-hugging Halloween!

Today is October 31, 2013. Today, I: …met a Ninja! …talked football with the Manning brothers! …kissed a witch and hugged a butterfly!. …bumped into several Minecraft characters and a few zombies! …gawked at a bloody-faced ghoul, who followed a line of brides, princesses… Continue Reading “Happy Hippie-hugging Halloween!”

Mr. Penny

Written in for NaBloPoMo October: Fall posted by BlogHer. Prompt for October 4- what is your favorite Halloween costume. He could hardly stand, the weight of his costume sitting atop his frail, ten year-old frame. Though his face was covered, I could still see… Continue Reading “Mr. Penny”

Eternally Yours

Mama, I was four; I remember! He knew what you’d done. I knew too, but I loved you…still do; though your grave is filled with stones And you know me not! The weekend Challenge: This weekend is our last opportunity for a Halloween-inspired Trifextra,… Continue Reading “Eternally Yours”

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