Happy Hippie-hugging Halloween!

photoToday is October 31, 2013.
Today, I:
…met a Ninja!
…talked football with the Manning brothers!
…kissed a witch and hugged a butterfly!.
…bumped into several Minecraft characters and a few zombies!
…gawked at a bloody-faced ghoul, who followed a line of brides, princesses and pirates!
…embraced a piece of my past,- a hippie wanna-be, sporting psychedelic tinted glasses, tie-dyed, oversized shirt and an afro wig!

Today, I rejoice because all the candy I purchased is gone, my lawn has been stomped on by hundreds of kids, and the candles inside my stoop-side pumpkins are burnt down and melted away to smithereens.

Today, I realize that I am happy because, in spite of Sandy, we are living another scream-filled, child-chilled, pumpkin-smashing, pirate-sabering, cotton-candy walking, medusa-stalking, hippie-hugging, super Mario-playing, Halloween!

Today is October 31, 2013.

Happy Halloween!


4 Comments on “Happy Hippie-hugging Halloween!

    • Thank you. I didn’t know what to write last night, as the last day of NaBloPoMo hit me! Then I realized that I had no time because I’d been so busy with Halloween parades and trick or treating with two sets of grand kids. That’s when it hit me- I thoroughly enjoyed Halloween this year! Thanks for your kind words.


  1. i feel the exact same way, never enjoyed seeing all the faces of holloween so much, and all the kids bright smiles and oh the laugther and screams filled my heart with such a joy, of days gone by, yet here again. loved this holloween so much, and happy halloween to you ,my dear sister. love you, eileen


    • I hadn’t realized how much I missed Halloween, the last couple of years. But this year it was fun to chat with te kids. It seemed that as I walked around with Rob and Robby, the people at the homes were friendlier, too. Love you! Me.


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