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Back to School

This week is the run-up to BlogU 2014, and though I will likely be the most ‘senior’ blogger in attendance, I am looking forward to sharing a blog-focused weekend with my daughter, a fantastic writer, self-published author and blogger (I’m Still Learning). We’ll drive… Continue Reading “Back to School”

A Penny for Your Thoughts

A penny for your thoughts. Oh, I don’t know. I was just thinking about tossing a shiny copper into that dried up old well. It’d be nice if it was a wishing well. Does it need water to be a wishing well? Don’t know,… Continue Reading “A Penny for Your Thoughts”


My daughter posted an essay Pain, on her fantastic blog: I’m Still Learning. I include a link here and suggest that you check it out.  My recent adventure with a broken fibula and the stress, uncertainty and pain that has been interwoven into the… Continue Reading “Pain”

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