A Penny for Your Thoughts


A penny for your thoughts.

Oh, I don’t know. I was just thinking about tossing a shiny copper into that dried up old well. It’d be nice if it was a wishing well. Does it need water to be a wishing well?

Don’t know, but I don’t think it matters.

Maybe it is a wishing well. Maybe the mere act of wishing makes it so, especially if the wish is real enough, sincere enough and important enough.

What are you wishing for?

I can’t tell you or my wish won’t be granted. It has to be a secret.

I know, we could both make a wish. I’ll give you my penny, and you give me your penny.

This phantom dream weaver, cracked and creviced stone structure with leaky wooden bucket, had been the repository for hundreds, maybe thousands of whispered wishes, creating a vortex of positive energy. Hopeful young lovers, lifetime companions, innocent joyful children, and desperate souls, all tossed their coins into the well. It was as if the spirits conspired to ensure that all who had faith enough to dream, hope enough to believe, would indeed have their wishes be heard. The rekindled spirits stirred with anticipation, as the couple on the earth above neared the well’ s rim.

He gave her his penny and she exchanged it with hers. Laughing like kids, they closed their eyes, joined hands and on the count of three, tossed their pennies into the well, where they tumbled together to the earthy, coin-filled bottom, far below.

The sun shone on the eastern face of the structure and as the morning breeze picked up, a few more maple leaves drifted silently to the ground. Still holding hands, the childhood sweethearts sloshed through the leaves, as they had so often in their nearly fifty years together, renewed with the knowledge that their wishes were the same – would always be the same; and of course, they were heard.

This week’s Trifecta Challenge: use third definition of the word PHANTOM
1a : something apparent to sense but with no substantial existence : apparition
b : something elusive or visionary
c : an object of continual dread or abhorrence
2: something existing in appearance only
3: a representation of something abstract, ideal, or incorporeal
— phan·tom·like adverb or adjective

22 Comments on “A Penny for Your Thoughts

  1. What a sweet story! Great dialog (my favorite part).
    Also, the leaves in the photo are making me homesick.


    • Thanks, Kymm. Nothing like autumn leaves to make one nostalgic. I used to travel on business quite a Cl mes, but always appreciated the lushness, the color and the changing seasons, upon returning home. Thanks, as always of commenting.


  2. That was simply the best. I love the picture, but the story is what got me. That was the most romantic, sweet thing I’ve read all night! Yay for you!


  3. love that , ergo a penny for your thoughts. so beautifully put, i love wishing wells. eileen


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