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imageThis week is the run-up to BlogU 2014, and though I will likely be the most ‘senior’ blogger in attendance, I am looking forward to sharing a blog-focused weekend with my daughter, a fantastic writer, self-published author and blogger (I’m Still Learning).

We’ll drive from home in New Jersey to Notre Dame of Maryland University campus in Baltimore, and after settling in to our functionally (if sparsely) outfitted dorm room, we’ll register for the long-anticipated festivities. For months we’ve communicated via the BlogU Facebook group or Twitter, and though I have been more observer than participant, I am curious to meet the women who’ve been excitedly selecting their retro, prom dresses for the Saturday night, themed dinner.

I’m not a total newbie to blogging conferences: Last year my daughter and I attended BlogHer in Chicago, and though our interests and session selections led in different directions at the huge McCormack Place Convention Center, it was fun to run into her on an escalator or across a vast and packed dining room; we had a couple of nice Chicago dinners and experienced a lovely evening at the Navy Pier. (My observations of that trip are captured in a poem I wrote and posted,  entitled Rainbows of Our Lives).

This experience, I expect, will be different, partly because of the more intimate venue and smaller enrollment, the fact that we won’t have the luxuries of a swanky Chicago Hotel and tourist distractions, and because my daughter is on the faculty and assisted with the planning of BlogU.

For these reason, I expect to glean more practical tips for my blog, while focusing on my learning edges. The full day of Saturday workshops, should offer an intimate classroom setting and ample opportunity to share and benefit from the wealth of knowledge at my disposal; while allowing me to experiment with my digital SLR, a Pentax K30, in a mode other than “Auto”.

More importantly, I will have a bird’s eye-view of my daughter, in her milieu, while spending a pleasant weekend ‘on the road’ with my personal mentor.

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14 Comments on “Back to School

  1. Sounds nice! I was at BlogHer last year too, and it was over.whelming. I needed a two-day nap to recuperate.


    • Yes. While I’m glad I was there, it was exhausting. And I couldn’t head upstairs to my room to get a break…shuttle bus back to downtown, while convenient, made it logistically impractical to hop back and forth.
      I expect this will be more of a sharing, networking affair. I’ll be sure to write a ‘review’.

      PS…if BlogHer weren’t in San Jose this year, I’d probably be going. Flying cross country makes it a bit out of reach for us. Maybe next year. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I liked reading aobut a passion that you and your daughter share, and it’s great there are events centered around it you can attend together. I hope to go to a blogging conference one day, too!


    • After forty five years in the corporate world, and conference focused on construction, project management, leadership, etc., it’s such a different experience to attend a conference with other folks who are there becuase it is a passion. Yes, should you attend a blogging conference or networking session someday, I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. Thank you for commenting.


  3. I think this event sounds great (wondering if there is anything like it in UK….) Plus I am loving the relationship you have with your daughter!


    • Yes, it will be a great event. When I retired, my daughter paved the way for me to start my blog. I am very proud of her, and I also enjoy our relationship. We live within a mile of each other and we see her sons every day. My son has three sons, and they are only ten minutes away. We are blessed to have five growing grandsons as part of our everyday lives. This shared blogging passion, is a bonus. Thanks for commenting.


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