Perpetual Motions

A whispered hint from brookside waters flowing,
A full unfurled flag at NASA blowing,
The sudden splash of slippery children sliding,
The ever-widening wake of geese a-gliding,
A court rotunda view of traffic growing,
A hillside, sculpted lanes of grasses mowing,
Or gentle rivulets of waves enshoring,
An eager puppy, racing home, adoring,
Movement may be subtle, ebbing, flowing,
Yet mind’s eye captures all, e’en if unknowing.


2 Comments on “Perpetual Motions

    • I know…all the photos conveyed movement and motion (to me) but they are all so different. The featured photo is the slide at the volcano pool at the poly! The brook is in the berkshires, the flag at NASA, the courthouse in the heart of a Elizabeth speaks for itself,etc. Thanks for liking it. Love you.


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