I’m growing stronger than you know,” said she,
You’re not,” said he, “and I know what is best.

I’m ready to break wildly free,” said she,
“I see, but you must wait, your patience test.”

I’m eager to embrace my destiny,”
He countered, “You’re a wee one, let it rest.”

My path leads skyward, bathed in clarity
He sighed; she couldn’t, wouldn’t be repressed.


This lighthearted poem was prompted by the stark contrast between the focal point of this frame, a newly emerging stalk of lavender; against the out-of-focus backdrop of weathered and well-established oaks and elms.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus



7 thoughts on “Irrepressible

    1. Joanne Edith

      I knew you’d recognize it. This was a small plant I got at the farmers’ market and it is really shooting up and branching out. Though I transplanted into larger pot, I may need to find a permanent home in a sunny spot on the yard. Love you!


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