Face in the Window

Peering out, he sees me stride away,
He doesn’t cry or whimper, merely stares,
wide-eyed and droopy-eared, he bids me stay
without a word, he knows that I’m aware.

Alas, I scurry off to market square,
With tasks and shopping lists (suburban churn),
He’ll have no concept of how long I’m there,
Yet he’ll sit all alone, ’til I return.

Day by day and year by year I’ve learned,
It matters not how often or how long
I’m gone, his loyalty I’ve somehow earned,
He beats me to the door with joyful song.

There is no doubt, how much he truly misses
me, “She’s back”, he says with puppy kisses.

Weekly Photo Challenge: friend

6 Comments on “Face in the Window

  1. A great poem 🙂
    And it’s so true, there’s almost nothing better than the greeting your dog gives you when you return home!


    • Unconditional and always there when you need it most. I was so struck by his little face looking so forlorn as I got into the car and drove away, contrasted later by the ebullient greeting when I got home. He wasn’t mad at me – he was just happy to see me. He stands up and literally hugs my arms and licks my face and won’t even go outside, lest he lose sight of me. Love you.


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