Of Bunnies Bats and Basketballs

Bunnies, bats, abandoned basketballs
Across the yyard, as summer’s taken toll,
The once-lush green scape fading into fall,
And school boys back in session, cease their roil.

Their shrieking, wild abandon still rings clear
With choosing sides for stickball (to applause)
And bouncing balls on asphalt drives I hear.
Yet wistfully, reminders give me pause.

For summer’s gone and Fall has fast o’er taken,
Predictably, all sports gear dropped aside
with little thought, their world was never shaken,
For soon, tomorrows playtime would arrive.

I glance across the yard; the rabbit sniffles,
Chomping steady on the crabgrass heap,
Unaware of basketballs or wiffles,
Why, then, are my emotions running deep?

These simple sights give fuel to my affections,
And changing seasons, spur this introspection.

Photo Friday: #blue

2 Comments on “Of Bunnies Bats and Basketballs

    • Only weirdos like us find inspiration in a tossed-aside balls and bats. Except the bunny of course – who is focused on his next meal, LOL.


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