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The Grandfather

    It is said that Leonardo DaVinci’s inimitable Mona Lisa, aka “La Gioconda”, was intended to convey the notion of complete happiness and contentment. So too, does my inimitable husband, aka “The Grandfather”, embody this ideal, as he patiently waits in an accidentally-strewn… Continue Reading “The Grandfather”

Of Bunnies Bats and Basketballs

Bunnies, bats, abandoned basketballs Across the yyard, as summer’s taken toll, The once-lush green scape fading into fall, And school boys back in session, cease their roil. Their shrieking, wild abandon still rings clear With choosing sides for stickball (to applause) And bouncing balls on… Continue Reading “Of Bunnies Bats and Basketballs”

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