Mirrored Tranquility

I find myself beside this mirrored lake,
These amber afternoons on deep-wood treks,
Or when the trees have lost their leafy drape,
And oft when fawn bound freely cross my steps.

But always stop where water laps on shore,
Around the bend toward the planked bridge,
The mallards gliding silent seem to know
that I gain peaceful solace in their midst.

Tranquility is here, no mind the clime,
(for even ice and snow can solace bring)
But on this All Souls’ afternoon sublime,
My soul’s uplifted free, my spirits sing.

Returning often, finding (through the years)
serenity and comfort; smiles and tears.


Photo Friday: #tranquility

One Comment on “Mirrored Tranquility

  1. So beautiful, yes all soul’s day is very uplifting and special, fills the heart with undying love


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