Eileen’s Lullaby

Today I came upon a weathered item,
While sorting through mementos from the past,
A single, tiny photo of my sister,
Young mom with babe in arms, old times now flashed.
She, standing by a screen, the sunlight filtering
in, to rest upon her tiny child,
I can almost hear her song of comfort,
Can almost feel her rhythmic rocking, mild.
So many days and years our lives unfolded,
With happiness and grief along the way,
Each mountain climbed, each valley soft descended,
Preparing her for what she bears today.
I breathe a silent prayer, she’ll face these fears,
Though I can’t stop my soft-escaping tears.

2 Comments on “Eileen’s Lullaby

  1. Oh, my, how well you bring us down, via iambic pentameter, into a place where we wish but fear to know the outcome of what seems to be a sad tale.


    • Yes…my sister is an amazing person, who, in spite of her husband’s tragic illness, is guiding him and the family with hope, love and strength.


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