Elusive Clarity

Regret-free, never looking in through the rear-
view mirror, second guessing “Was it right?”
We strive to make our way, our choices clear,
We strive to calm the soul through darkest nights.

But mornings (e’en when nearly within sight)
Too often seem eternities away,
Though just before the dawn, seen outline bright
of distant peaks, before break of day.

Decisions loom, despite the risks, we pray,
Yet nothing’s black and white, or as it seems,
Our plotted course so often leads astray,
Without our knowing, we’re swept swift downstream.

Subliminally, we choose the forest or the trees,
’til rainbows from the mist bring clarity.


This photo is an example of unintended consequences. I set out to capture a sparkling mountain lake (Mohonk Lake, NY) as the long morning rays lent a luminescent quality to the misty, morning vista. It was only after viewing the photo, that I realized that I’d captured an ephemeral rainbow. So often in life we focus on the wrong things, distracted by the shiny object; until suddenly, clarity emerges, when we least expect it.




Photo Friday: Clarity

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