Mirrored Contrast

Mountain water, sparkling stillness gleaming, all alone,
Towering evergreens embrace a hidden forest lake,
Cloud-brushed, wispy skies becoming backdropped throne,
Each awesome, pure, unique; all worthy subjects make.
But impact more than sky blue, forest green, or waters deep,
Dark ‘gainst light, depths and height, intensify the scene.


Photo 101; Day 20. Triumph and contrast.

Every element in this scene is worthy of being the subject or focus of the photograph; the lake itself, the wispy sky, floating petals, and the stunning tree line.  However, when seen as a whole, in a striking, mirrored reflection, the impact is intensified because of the contrast; dark vs. light, depth vs. height, brilliant blue, vs. dark green.  Were it not for the floating petals in the foreground atop the reflection of a dark cloud, one might assume this result to have been a trick of photo editing.  But no…this is as it was when I took the picture.


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