Evocative as canvas recreation,
Sweep as only nature’s brush can etch,
Hued in earthen shadings and striations,
Textured granules fine and soft impressed.

Balmy San Juan waters; flowing, ebbing,
Returning and returning yet again
to sweetly leave a kiss upon the shore,
Rhythmic yin and yang, yet never end.

No gaily flowering blooms need I to listen,
Though I am gladdened by the signs of spring,
I hear the wavelets at my feet, they beckon:
“Come and follow me” (they’re whispering) !



Photo 101: Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation


“Today’s Tip: Sometimes, you might wish an image were oriented differently — maybe you want a vertically-focused image to be horizontal…”


2 Comments on “Whispering

  1. I particularly lovve your first stanza

    “Evocative as canvas recreation
    Sweep as only nature’s brush can etch.
    Hued in earthen shading and striations
    Textured granuled fine and soft impressed.’

    Perfection. i would stop right there. Matches the image perfectly.


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