The Edge of Dawn

Save fishing boats at anchor far offshore,
All’s quiet on the glassy, still, dark, sea,
E’en gulls are lulled by steady waves’ soft roar,
The sun might never rise (t’were up to me).

It calms my soul to perch on balcony,
Set high on stilts o’er sandy rocks beneath,
My senses come to life, my soul breathes free,
As briny breezes sweep across my heath.

My passion for the seaside I bequeath
to all my progeny, a precious gift,
For awesome power, through it, is unsheathed,
If I can teach, they too, would be uplifted.

The edge of dawn invades the salt sea air,
When I seek peace, this is my saving prayer.

Photo101:  Day Eighteen: Edge & Alignment

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