As Plain As Day

As I sit at the kitchen table waiting for the seeds of inspiration to germinate, I remove my reading glasses for a moment to top off my cup with steaming, hot coffee. Pausing to gaze outside, I hear the radio weather guy predicting a lovely, spring day, with promise of balmy breezes and burgeoning bulbs.

The sunlight streams obliquely from the side window of the breakfast nook, catching the tips of multicolored tulips that only the day before were tightly closed. Their simple beauty is enhanced by the yellow light now beginning to wash over them, as the sun rises higher above the treetops.

I realize that oft-elusive inspiration is directly in front if me, in a simple vase of unpretentious, freshly-cut tulips, blossoming in the warming rays of the morning sun.


Photo 101:  Day Nine: Warmth & the Quality of Light

Photography means “drawing with light,” and when you snap a picture with your camera, you use and record light to create an image.



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