Let there be light…

First light of day or twinkling star of night?
Sparkling ‘cross the surface of a silent sea.
You mystically transform to spectral heights,
Surreal and splendid sphere of sensuality.

This  photo ( in response to Day10 of Photo 101) was taken at Cape May this morning, shooting directly into the just-risen sun; creating an almost eerie glow on the water’s surface and the pillars and balustrades of the balcony. If one didn’t know it was a sunrise, one could believe it was an unusually brilliant night star.

Photo101 Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects:

A photograph can create a mood and communicate an idea that transcends its subject….The direction of light has a big impact on your photos. Things lit from the front have few shadows, and are evenly lit. When the light comes from the side, shadows and highlights are introduced, creating more texture and complexity. Lighting from behind throws things into sharp relief, silhouetting your subject.”

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