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As Plain As Day

Photo 101: Day Nine: Warmth & the Quality of Light
“…oft-elusive inspiration is directly in front if me, in a simple vase of unpretentious, freshly-cut tulips, blossoming in the warming rays of the morning sun.”


Warmth can be a cozy, comfy chair, Upon which thrown, a hand-knit afghan quilt, Awaiting little boys who tumble in, and there fake-wrestle for first dibs; no signs of guilt. A grandson hiding in the fort he built with tablecloths and sheets from grandma’s… Continue Reading “Warmth”

Irrepressible (Photo Friday: warmth)

***** New dawn sunbeams shine, Peaking through ‘tween parting palms, Last days of summer. ***** Postaday: 


“Temperature” is an interesting prompt for this week’s challenge, since it usually refers to a specific attribute that is absolute, measurable, etc. In response, I select this photograph, taken a few months ago, when snow was on the ground and the outside air temperature… Continue Reading “Toasty”

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