Color Guard


My thoughts align, begin to stratify,
The fog is gently lifted giving way
to clarity, these morning shores do gratify,
As grayish morn to colors give its way.

Beachside shaders line the closed cafe,
Reflecting vibrancy (though dormant) on the deck,
Mirror granite, window to the day,
Repeating billows, tall and straight, in check.

Stemlike parallels, neatly wrapped at necks,
Like stolid soldiers standing in a row,
Stacked upside in close formation, flecked
by flickering rays of dawning day, aglow.

Poised, their nighttime guard is soon dismissed,
They’ll open full to shade the sun’s bright kiss.


The Light and Shade Challenge
The Light and Shade Challenge




Written for Monday 19 May 2014, the light and shade challenge, using a photo prompt and the following quote:

“I stood on the bridge at midnight as the clocks were striking the hour” -Longfellow

4 Comments on “Color Guard

  1. A poem like a gentle morning breeze: ) Gorgeous closing couplet, Joanne!


  2. That is such an elegant, well crafted piece. I especially like ‘like stolid soldiers standing in a row’. It gives such a sense of upright solidity. Lyssa M x


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