Special Collection


Collection of pollen and tree pods, resting on shingled eaves of country inn.
Collection of pollen, pine needles and tree pods, resting on shingled eaves of country inn.

The first time, buds abloom romantics thrilled,
The first time, bending, sniffing budding rose,
The first time, whippoorwills their dusk-song trilled,
The first time, promising return, we posed.

The last time, snowfall blocking sliders closed,
The last time, snuggling closely, sipping swill,
The last time, donning fleece ‘neath cozy throws,
The last time, warming fires stilled the chill.

This time, we are here ‘tween winter’s close,
This time, having passed the cusp of May,
This time, rocking gently, nose to nose,
This time, falling leaf pods we survey.

Collection: Pollen settling, shingled eaves,
Time after time, renewal is reprised.

This was written for the 100-word challenge of Velvet Verbosity, inspired by a word on the last page of “The Book Thief”: Collection.


3 Comments on “Special Collection

  1. What a lovely poem Joanne!Yes,love goes through different seasons and stages but if true,like here,it is a huge comfort in the winter of our lives 🙂


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