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Color Guard

My thoughts align, begin to stratify, The fog is gently lifted giving way to clarity, these morning shores do gratify, As grayish morn to colors give its way. Beachside shaders line the closed cafe, Reflecting vibrancy (though dormant) on the deck, Mirror granite, window… Continue Reading “Color Guard”

Photo Friday: Shades of Gray

“Shades of Gray” seemed a perfect theme to capture my mixed emotions as I tentatively stooped to pick this shell from the wave-washed beach at Ponte Vedra last March. It was my first ‘walk’ in the sand after three months of recuperation from a… Continue Reading “Photo Friday: Shades of Gray”

Photo Friday: Natural Light

This photo was taken, after having just been seated for breakfast at Ponte Vedra Lodge at the end of March.  Our window table afforded us the spectacular view seen here.  Shades drawn just enough to shield our eyes, the sun’s rays shone on us… Continue Reading “Photo Friday: Natural Light”

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