An Easter Ditty


Brightly colored, named and set aside,
For Easter bunny pranks and searching fun,
Each year the giggling chorus starts outside,
Cacophony of happiness, boys undone.

I spy with my sharp eye an aqua orb,
Nestled on a tree trunk, perched just so,
I’ll leave the lower reaches for the tots,
But higher up I’m able and I’ll go.

I’ll gather all my treasures, toys and sweets
And sometimes I’ll discover coins to boot,
But filling up my basket is the goal,
This springtime free-for-all is now afoot.

This silly rhyme is nearly at an end,
The squirrels are on the ready for the game,
I dally not a moment or they’ll win
the battle, for the Easter Eggs – again!

NaPoWriMo 2014
NaPoWriMo 2014

2 Comments on “An Easter Ditty

  1. How ell we know the importance of finding that egg. I remember as a child searching the house. For our eggs that we colored the night before. Unlike today. Our eggs were real never plastic. My how times have changed but yet remain the same


    • Yes…and even with our kids, we always hid real eggs indoors. Now I color only eggs I need -one for every person and the dogs, of course, and use them as place cards for the dinner table. Bunnny rabbit biscuits are also a staple! Happy Easter, Ei!


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