Just Yesterday (Speakeasy #147)


“There was a time when things were different.”
Many things were different,
Everything was different.
Was it a dream or was it
Just yesterday?

Just yesterday,
The weathered, well-pruned arborvitae lay prone
‘neath the blizzardly burden of winter’s shawl,
Only (soon) to spring forth yellow shoots.
Today, the shrubs grow wild.

Just yesterday,
Robby climbed high into the flowering plum’s
accessible limbs; tenderfoot-holds
for young-uns’ adventures.
Today, the tree is gone.

Just yesterday,
Aunt Jane returned from tropic isles,
Carry-ons stuffed with trinkets,
Carvings, purple-red parrot-pair.
Today, they perch ‘mid attic dust.

Just yesterday,
He learned to whittle carvings from Dad,
A rustic red-pine rocker for Mom,
Splines stained, and sanded smooth.
Today, remembering, he rocks.

Just yesterday,
Everything was different,
Life’s winding paths unfolded,
But we lived too near the forest.
Today, with hindsight’s clarity, we see.



This was written for Speakeasy #147, using the given first line (in bold), and making reference to the prompt photo below:

24 Comments on “Just Yesterday (Speakeasy #147)

  1. A beautiful poem full of rich imagery-the events unfolding so smoothly:-)Yes,time does seem to fly & how!Loved the flow in here Joanne 🙂


  2. Another extraordinary poem from you. This is beautiful and subtle; infused with melancholy and a touch of the bittersweet. I love it.


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