Tag: Carvings

Time After Time

I came upon this weathered, wooden table in the middle of the forest where I often walk my dog. As I paused to snap this photo, I wondered how many hikers, lovers, children, campers, joggers and dog-walkers have left their mark on this once-clean… Continue Reading “Time After Time”


B❤️J ..a poem (inspired by simple carving on a bench), about childhood sweethearts.

Just Yesterday (Speakeasy #147)

  “There was a time when things were different.” Many things were different, Everything was different. Was it a dream or was it Just yesterday? Just yesterday, The weathered, well-pruned arborvitae lay prone ‘neath the blizzardly burden of winter’s shawl, Only (soon) to spring… Continue Reading “Just Yesterday (Speakeasy #147)”

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