His Magic Touch

The 33-word piece that follows, is a parody of Rudolph’s rondo, and a true story, relating my confusion over my tree lights.    I had deliberately switched off the lights of our beautifully trimmed Christmas tree, and was on my way up to bed, when I realized that, inexplicably, the lights were ON.   As I set about to deduce the cause (i.e. a short in the string of lights, premature onset of senility, etc.), I saw a very guilty doggie staring back at me. “What? It wasn’t me!”  “But I knew better: In his enthusiasm to reach a low-hanging candy cane, he had “found” our magic golden ball…a touch-activated device, by which the tree lights are powered on and off. “It’s his favorite trick now!


Bandit the cold-nosed Cavie,
Had a very skillful snout,
Touching the gold ball (light switch),
Christmas lights would soon go out.
Bandit, the cold-nosed Cavie:
“Sit! Stay! Now…turn lights ON! “


11 Comments on “His Magic Touch

    • Thanks. This time of years offers so many moments to be captured and preserved, if not on paper, in our memories! A happy Christmas and holiday season to Trifecta Editing staff. You’ve enriched my year more than you know.


    • Yes…a real circus. My grandsons got a kick out of it. In addition I gave a very old village I set up each year under the tree, which gas a pond…a plastic piece that I fill with water. You guessed it…bandit drinks the water. Thanks for commenting. I’ve been away a few weeks..soooo busy.


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