Lucid Moments

11/19/13, iPhone 5S, ISO 50, 4.1 mm, 2.2, 1/20833 sec.
11/19/13, iPhone 5S, ISO 50, 4.1 mm, 2.2, 1/20833 sec.

Soaring upward, morning flight illusions,
Aircraft rising higher with the sun,
As if to Synchronize combined ascents,
The booming blast aloft has now begun.

Embracing eagle-nest perspective,
As earbuds softly smother shrieks and sighs,
Shard-like sounds, soliloquy intrusions,
Pushing ambient antics all aside.

Seizing solitude, A long-sought chance to think ,
This glimpse above the ether clears my mind,
Infinity integrally woven,
Mind maps swirl and twisting paths unwind.

I’ve always been an awesome fan of sunrise,
Subconscious searches for an answered clue,
They each in snowflake-like uniqueness,
Cast pastel shades and burning, intense hues.

God’s greatness on display, his brush-tip dipping,
Strewn to broadly cast ‘cross land and sea,
A glimm’ring, golden, awesome tint of tincture,
His palette speaks, we listen; some may see.



9 Comments on “Lucid Moments

  1. Beautiful photo – glad you had the window seat to capture that sunrise! I really like the line – “Subconscious searches for an answered clue” – each day brings hope to find those answers.


  2. Sunrise certainly gives us hope for many things, mainly another chance. Looking at your photo I could even say “just listen to that view”.


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