My Father’s Daughter

Repast over, the painful realization: this dreaded disease was the catalyst for the rebirth of their relationship.  The loss of him now – his music, his humor, his goodness, his fathering – only more profound.


The challenge:  Last month we asked you to give us a killer opening line in exactly 33 words.  This week we’re asking for an equally amazing closing line.  It can be the ending to the story you began in the previous challenge or a completely different ending altogether.  Just make sure it’s exactly 33 words.Image

5 Comments on “My Father’s Daughter

  1. Thanks for linking up with us this weekend. I would really like to know more about this story–you’ve given us a lot, but not nearly enough! (That’s a good thing!) Hope to see you back tomorrow for the new challenge.


    • Thanks – I have had this story in my heart (not to use this week’s challenge word) for many years, since my Dad passed away. I think when one is too close to life-changing events, as this was, it is nearly impossible to see through the emotional haze and share these feelings. Thank you for the feedback – and yes – I’ll be joining the challenge this week.


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