Love Me With All of Your Heart

I didn’t know that song, as a giggling ten-year old in Sister Thomas’ 4th grade classroom; giggling that nearly caused me to lose my Rag Doll role in the Christmas play.   But I did know that this was really important, so reaching deep down –  a rare moment of self-control – I forced myself to behave.

Rag Doll and Chauffeur, kept their date with fate and magically came to life at midnight.  The simplistic plot played out perfectly;  and he said his lines beautifully:

“If I were the judge, you would!” 

Chauffeur’s heart had been touched, and Santa passed over the pretty French dolls, selecting instead – Rag Doll –  because of her beauty of heart.

Long before concepts like ‘true companion’ and ‘love’ were understandable by these young hearts, on some level we must have known; that this seemingly trivial day in our 4th grade lives would be memorable.

ImageThe scribbled lines from his diary (carried in his wallet to this day), still speak volumes;  I, the”girl friend” with the “red hair and red freckles”.

The boy who captured my heart that Christmas, is still the love of my life.  He has been my schoolmate, best friend, husband, lover, life partner, father to our children and grandfather to our wonderful 5 grandsons.  He has taken to heart, the roles of son, son-in-law, brother-in-law, and uncle:  He is teacher, mentor, and friend to so many.

I knew in 4th grade that he was a sweet soul, and all these years later there has never been a day in which he hasn’t lived up to that promise;  bashful boy becoming a truly caring, loving person – a person with a good heart.  I admire him more than anyone I’ve ever known, and I’m blessed that today – every day – he “loves me with all of his heart. “

This weekend we will celebrate our 45th Anniversary;  our Wedding Song, the prescription for this happy life we share.


5 Comments on “Love Me With All of Your Heart

  1. That’s beautiful, Joanne! As I’ve told Bob, you two are wonderful role models for a young couple like us. 🙂


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