Music of the Mountain (Trifecta Writing Challenge -Wk 38)


Music of the Mountain


Country roads wind their way

Quaint towns, once familiar hills and vales

Dismay, as malls of progress 

Block farmland valleys.

The homeward trek continues – changes unfold.



Long driveway ahead

Stunning new stone gate;

Upscaled arena – superb symphonic space

Science center, sparkling in the sun.


So much missing:

The concert shed; 

The moldy, memorable residence hall;  

The meandering brook, my misty morning refuge. 

Is nothing the same?


Stop!  Inhale!

Cool crisp air floods my lungs.

Clarity, calmness, confirmation.

There – rising above, through feathery, filmy fog

Towering firs scaling the slope.


Listen! Life abounds beneath the canopy 

Multitudes of melodious measures resume

Cleaving again, after all these years,  ‘neath the mountain

My musical mountain – home.

written in response to Trifecta Writing challenge week 38.

2 Comments on “Music of the Mountain (Trifecta Writing Challenge -Wk 38)

  1. You find serenity in the solitude and joy in the music, A perfect retreat from the norm.
    Love your thoughts, It’s like I went along on the journey as I’ve been near there in my past.


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