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Zebra Dove

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt this week – REWARD, I selected this photo of a hungry (but patient) Zebra Dove, perched table side at the Princeville Hotel Cafe (Kauai, Hawaii). This uninvited member of our party sat quietly until we were done, and then reaped his reward!


I snapped this photo through the windshield of my double-parked car in a busy, pre-holiday, supermarket parking lot, with  my iPhone. Like the spark-spray created by a tossed log on a blazing fire, scattering and splattering glowing shards in every direction, shoppers darted frantically, amid the cacophony… Continue Reading “Stillness”


The endless break of waves on shore, Replenish teeming life-chains spawned, Distracted not, he stares out, ever sure That curl is filled with promise evermore In under-swirling eddy’s from beyond. This discipline has served him well He waits, he skims the surface brine, Intent… Continue Reading “Patience”

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