Tag: Introspection

On Gregory’s Pond

As snowy blossoms gently fall to ground, A soothing, soaring, skylark song rings clear, As if to pierce the silent, deafening sound, Awakening an inner voice sincere. Reflections, closer than they oft appear when viewed head-on, no longer lie in wait, Breaking through the… Continue Reading “On Gregory’s Pond”

Pre-Dawn Reflections

  Echoes, shadow-whispers in the gray, Before the day when night is nearly gone, Lend prism-like perspective on my days. Web-like, o’er the wispy willows play, A spectral, thin array before the sun, Echoes, shadow-whispers in the gray. They flood my senses, jagged, on… Continue Reading “Pre-Dawn Reflections”

Floating Dock

Craving these misty mornings, Escaping to night-shattering dawn, Rocking to the gentle undulations, Sloshing soft on un-named lake lagoon, Beating a metronomic pulse: Soul-stirring. Treading barefoot on grainy planks, Leaving sleepy-land behind, Feeling safely tethered, yet free, Floating, yet (the rub) still captive, Vanishing,… Continue Reading “Floating Dock”

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