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Berkshire Choral International (formerly BCF)

Sheffield Sunrise

It’s been some time since last I scrunched those blades of summer grass, dew-drenched beneath my feet, Yet mem’ries still live, verdant, but now shades of what was once renewal, soul’s retreat. I’d wake before the dawn to catch the sweet, pre-sunrise moments, as… Continue Reading “Sheffield Sunrise”

Mornings in The Mist

As summertime returns I feel a sense of something missing, ne’er to be again, My Sheffield mornings, fogged-in valleys drenched in mist, ‘neath Berkshire mountain chain. These memories will ever play, repeat, To make me smile, each time I feel the damp of dewy… Continue Reading “Mornings in The Mist”

Memories in the Mist

I know I’ll never see this tree again, So on this fog-swept morning I arise to venture forth, despite the mist of rain and soft, escaping tears that wet my eyes. For decades, summer songs revitalized, And friends, both old and new, were gayly… Continue Reading “Memories in the Mist”

A Musician’s Notebook: Making a Rainbow

This is a beautiful and special place. Each summer, a prep school campus of rolling, green hills, clear mountain air, and rippling streams, nestled at the foot of Mt. Everett in Sheffield Massachusetts, becomes a backdrop to artistic achievement and expression. Although I’ve been participating… Continue Reading “A Musician’s Notebook: Making a Rainbow”

Silent Eloquence

Looking out over the expanse of neatly arranged chairs, that in a few hours will be teeming with concert-goers, the stark contrast is clear. This anticipatory lull is prelude to a great crescendo of excitement. It’s as if calm before the storm; the lows… Continue Reading “Silent Eloquence”

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