Memories in the Mist

I know I’ll never see this tree again,
So on this fog-swept morning I arise
to venture forth, despite the mist of rain
and soft, escaping tears that wet my eyes.

For decades, summer songs revitalized,
And friends, both old and new, were gayly met,
We came with notes, some nearly memorized,
To blend in choral tones we’ll ne’er forget.

So on this morn, I draft this epithet,
A tribute to what BCI has meant
to me and hundreds, some I’ve never met,
I breathe a sigh of sadness, yet content.

These hills have been alive with glorious sound,
Satisfied, I’ve reaped the blessings that abound.



Last week, I sang the Verdi Requiem; the final concert of Berkshire Choral International in Sheffield, Ma. More than three hundred singers came from states and countries far and wide, and ended the week in a glorious finale at the Stewart Center on campus. BCI will continue at wonderful venues around the world, but this place nestled at the foot of the mountain, will remain in my heart.

Memories and emotions are too numerous and complicated to explain in a single post, so I offer instead this simple, almost plaintive photo from my last, fog draped morning on campus.

2 Comments on “Memories in the Mist

  1. So very sad, yes I know only too well all good things do come to an end, so we live with the happy memories the good things left us with. Lock them up ad cherish them deep in your soul. As no one can take away a memorie. Love your words. Love you eileen


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