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Hibernation…Hope…a solitary bloom…
Together here, we (surely) can survive and thrive and strive to bloom anew.

Chaleur d’Amour

Even here,  though out of view as yet, unseen its singular scent  enwraps my  senses; Romantic Irrepressible Unforgettable. Causing me  to pause, to full inhale, as visions of a long ago  invade and deep pervade  my mind; Beautiful Serene Green. A young man  shyly… Continue Reading “Chaleur d’Amour”

Balance of Nature

This scene is replayed each morning, as the long rays of the rising sun highlight the tips of the sparkling breakers. Diving seabirds know that breakfast awaits and each, in turn, swoops swiftly into the crashing surf to snag its prey.  I take my… Continue Reading “Balance of Nature”


Come with me across the bridge! We’ve time, On mainland shore we linger and opine, A picnic just for two, we’ve brought the wine, A solitary respite, sure we’ll find, And then, perhaps, I’ll ask you to “be mine”, Come, take my hand, across… Continue Reading “Invitation”


Winter is coming! Not tomorrow or next week, not this month or next month, but surely winter is sneaking in, seeping ‘neath the back door sill…

Cabin Fever

Poetic musings inspired by this photograph that I took, while eating breakfast at the kitchen table; ‘breaking’ my cabin fever and giving me a new appreciation for survival in a wintry world. Besides, I know that Spring is just around the corner.

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