Chaleur d’Amour

Even here, 
though out of view
as yet, unseen
its singular scent 
enwraps my 

Causing me 
to pause,
to full inhale,
as visions of a long ago 
invade and deep pervade 
my mind;

A young man 
shyly pins it to her dress
And she, in turn
returns his 
loving gaze;

This creamy gardenia, a warm, fragrant, iconic summer bloom, was for my parents the romantic symbol of their courtship. It was the summer of 1944 (I was not yet a glimmer in Daddy’s eye), when on every date, he would present a delicate gardenia blossom to the love of his life.  Today, I nurse the buds on my gardenia ‘tree’, recalling with each new blossom, the romantic story they shared with me, so very long ago.

Photo Friday: #warm

6 Comments on “Chaleur d’Amour

  1. So beautiful love the story we both share so glad I got to see it bloom the other day 💗💗💗


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