A Question of Shadows

Where do shadows meet the grounded pavement?
Where do sun-blocked surfaces collide?
When will’st come reality’s resurgence?
When will wafted wings loom magnified?

What happened to the speck from fifty thousand?
Why does the vision daunt as earth nears (gasp)?
When will this airborne vessel reach the runway?
How does this tension morph to “Home at last”?

Poems in April; Asking Questions

Official Dogwood Photography Challenge
Week 16: Storytelling – Shadows
Tell a story. Make it compelling while only using shadow.
Story Telling: Good photographers can take beautiful images of something. Great photographers can tell a story with an image. In this category you will take a prompt and turn it into a photographic story

7 Comments on “A Question of Shadows

  1. Very well written for both prompts – you seem to capture my thought process when I fly… from speck to “home at last”. Enjoyed this.


    • White knuckles are calmed by focused no on snapping photos, and holding hubby’s hand. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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