Morning Ritual

He wakes at dawn with lust for life and glee,
Shaking off the night shades, jingling tags
(the clinking of his collar) call to me:
“Wake up and join me, see my tail’s a wag.”

Bounding down the first flight, waits; while I
with sleepy eyes, near stumble out of bed,
He can’t contain his joy, so I comply,
In truth he leads me as if leashed, instead.

Racing out the back to homestead’s fence,
Sniffing, marking, chasing squirrels and doves,
‘Ere he returns to door ajar, for hence
he’ll be rewarded, that’s my chore of love.

A-sleeping dreams of pups and rabbits’ race
He’s on my lap again, he knows his place.


photo Friday:dog

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