Come from Away

Escape intended from the ordinary din,
From endless lines aligning “Great White Way”,
We duck inside, and escalate within
To eighth floor lounge, no more or less, we strayed.

A bite to eat, a sip of wine perchance,
A strategy to while away the time,
Our curtain was at three, no time to dance
But just enough to taste fruit of the vine.

The space was nondescript, save for Times Square,
Wide, uninspiring booth-lets framed the bar,
I sighed, slipped off my pumps, leaned back my chair,
And all at once beheld a man-made Star.

Exquisite clear glass orbs on hair-thin strings,
Nestled close together, yet apart,
As light from lucent, ceiling bulbs down-streamed,
To cast an astral glow across the dark.

Too often we prejudge, no time to waste,
We oft might miss such beauty, in our haste.


We ventured  to the city to see “Come From Away” last Sunday, and rather than stand on line for an hour, we decided to pop in to the Marriott Marquis for a ‘sip’.  While I was, at first, unimpressed by the ambiance of the 8th floor lounge, thankfully, I looked up and voila!  

I didn’t release until after the inspiring and emotional show, that this light fixture was somehow consistent with the story of those who came from ‘away’ on 9-11.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

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