The Luck of the Draw

She loves me (yes!) she loves me not (oh no!)
She does love me, (the petals tell it true),
Another pull: she loves me not (please no!)
A few more left, the end I’ll surely rue.

She loves me (as my expectations rise),
She loves me not (I know it can’t be right),
She loves me (still, again, I fear surprise),
She loves me not (my heart betrays my fright).

(At last) the last, soft, petal-tug replayed…
She loves me, yes, she loves me, still today!

photo Friday:#Vivid

These lovely flowers were amid the blooms in our 50th wedding anniversary bouquets.  After all these years, I need not depend on the wisdom of the flowers or the luck of the draw to confirm that my loves, does, indeed, love me.  Truth be told, I didn’t need it 50 years ago either. Some truths are timeless, I guess.

2 Comments on “The Luck of the Draw

  1. Indeed, when you know true love you just know it. Those who have it are the luckiest peop,e in the world


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