Rhapsody in Blue

I never tire of a clear morning when, while seeking a once-in-a-lifetime sunrise, I find, instead, a stunning, sparkling moon. This morning was particularly spectacular, as I could clearly delineate the crevices and crannies of the rocky moon surface. I didn’t see the man in the moon on this morning, but I know he was watching!.

Rhapsody in blue pervades my worn, slaked senses
Over-draping tensions of these troubled times,
Understated on this shore (as sun’s ascending),
Greets, compels, implores, like distant, morning chimes,
Harken, pause, inhale, consume this scene sublime.

Photo Friday:#Rough

3 Comments on “Rhapsody in Blue

  1. Hi Joanne.
    Great picture. I assume you didn’t take it with your i-phone 7? How did you get that clarity?
    I really enjoy your posts. Keep them coming.


    • Hi, Lud! My iPhone is pretty cool and always close at hand, but that morning I was out with my zoom lens. Fortunately, as I waited for my sunrise, I looked behind me and there it was, as large as life and sharp as a pin. Thanks for noticing. Hope all is well with you and the family.


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