Planning for the Future

Last Sunday, after having purchased a case of freshly picked Roma tomatoes at the Summit Farmers’ Market, I spent the rest of the afternoon, prepping and canning the luscious lot.  It was a messy, slippery, time-consuming afternoon, but most definitely, it was a labor of love.   Someday, in the middle of winter, I will open one or two jars of these beauties and make a scrumptious sauce for our family Sunday dinner.  It will be cold and possibly snowing outside, but I’ll smile, remembering the warmth and satisfaction of that sunny, summer morning.

Copious, the harvest of this day,
Ovate, ‘Roma’ beauties, plump and gay,
Never better, summer’s end is nigh,
Tempting to eat now, refrain I try,
Rinsing, peeling, sterile in each jar,
Add a sprig of basil, nothing more,
Sauce of nature’s fruit, some wintry day,
Tomato treasures saved in such a way.

Photo Friday: #Contrast

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