In March, while on a SHU Booster Club trip to Indianapolis to support Seton Hall at Butler, we made side visit to the fantastic and historically significant Indianapolis Speedway. Not a racing fan, I was less than enthused, until we got there.

The enormity of the track, the steeply banked turns, the historic bricks, did, indeed impress me.

Then we visited the museum, where in addition to being up close and personal with the remarkable driving machines on exhibit, spanning the decades, I happened upon the enormous trophies on exhibit.

This one, in particular, captured my imagination and I think epitomizes this week’s theme…Wanderlust.

3 Comments on “Wanderlust

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  2. Beautiful photo, and a new appreciation of car racing, that I never cared for either, yet your story made me more aware of the history and the sport. And I thank you for that. Eileen ilaria


    • It’s funny but now when I happen to see a car race on TV, instead of turning it off, I watch. Such a dangerous sport, but really amazing as I recall our little white tour bus driving on the banked turns, as we learned about the history of that Speedway. The cars are works of art…beautiful marvels of engineering. Thanks, Eileen!


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